Looking for a Used Truck? Let the Experts at Hometown Chevrolet Buick GMC Guide Your Search

If you are looking for a used truck near Danville, VA, you have probably found out that there is a lot you need to know. Not all trucks are created equal, and some pickups work better for certain drivers than others. Folks who are novices in the field of trucks might not know some of the things they should consider when purchasing a pre-owned pickup. The sales team at Hometown Chevrolet Buick GMC, located at 2009 Barnes Street in Reidsville, NC, understands that this is the case and has decided to let our customers know some of the factors they should consider when they are shopping for a used truck. Check out our whole used inventory to see all the pre-owned options we have to offer.

Discover Which Size Works for You

For some Eden, NC customers, the size of the used truck is a fairly practical concern. They may want to find a choice that fits in their garage. Of course, that's not the only consideration. There are three different classifications of pickup size that you'll see on our lot: midsize, full-size, and heavy-duty. Many Martinsville, NC customers who choose the midsize pickup option do so because they have some small towing and hauling needs, but are attracted by the fact that they are less expensive. If you're need more towing and hauling capacity, you may want to go with a full-size truck. They are also bigger than midsize trucks. For folks who are towing large equipment, like certain small construction vehicles, they may want to opt for a heavy-duty truck. You'll also want to figure out how big you want the pickup bed to be and what kind of seating you want available. There are many configurations, including quad cab, which gets you a bigger bed, but smaller backseat, and a crew cab, which gets you a bigger backseat, but a smaller bed.

Explore the Different Brands

Our dealership has a variety of used trucks for our customers to peruse. You'll be able to choose from some of the most popular brands in the pickup business, including Chevrolet, Ford, RAM, and GMC. Before you purchase, you may want to talk to our sales consultant about the towing and payload capacities each option offers, as well as the available and standard features. We also have Certified Pre-Owned Chevy and GMC options to consider.

Come to Our Dealership

Buying a used truck is a big decision. Schedule a test drive and a meeting with one of the sales consultants at Hometown Chevrolet Buick GMC, in Reidsville, NC, to make sure you find a pre-owned pickup that meets both your needs and your budget.